Lakota Blues

As the deputy director of the Lakota People’s Law Project (LPLP), I have been organizing in the Dakotas since 2011 to help keep Lakota families intact. I am privileged to share this original song with you about that work.

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Every year more than 700 Lakota children are removed from their homes by the South Dakota Department of Social Services, and nearly all of them are put in non-Native homes far away from their relatives. This practice violates the Indian Child Welfare Act and in many ways extends the Boarding School era when Native children were forcibly taken from their homelands, prohibited from speaking their language, and made to embrace Anglo norms—all to “Kill the Indian, Save the Man.” Our nation has to face its dark history of genocide, a genocide that continues now through the DSS in a cultural form prohibited by the United Nations.

Our law firm has joined the struggle to stop DAPL because we recognize the protection of tribal sovereignty and natural resources as essential to justice and a healthy Lakota community.

In solidarity,

Daniel Nelson

Lakota Blues – Daniel Paul Nelson from Syntonium Productions on Vimeo.